Fake Word Generator

Marc Liyanage has a neat web-based tool that allows you to Create Fake Words. This tool is handy when looking for a unique Top-Level Domain (like I did with braxio.com).  The need for new business names is on the rise because nowadays many “businesses” are little more than websites that fulfill a need in one niche or another. Here’s an enormous problem though: too many people spend weeks (or even months!) searching for that “perfect” catchy business name. A fake word generator helps you come up with a catchy brandable name for your idea so that you can quickly move on to the hard stuff, which is getting the business actually going!

It’s not unusual for a single person to need a name for their one-person service business; freelancers and self-employed consultants seem to be rising quickly in numbers since the Internet has made it so easy for people to market their services online. In any case it’s nice to know that there is a tool that can very easily generate fake words that we can then register as domains if they’re available, and get on with the business of running our business.

Most dictionary words have already been registered, so using a fake word generator can be a big help!