CSS Bubble Tooltips

Bubble Tooltips is some more CSS magic from Alessandro Fulciniti that creates some very nice Javascript and CSS based tooltips.  As with other scripts from Alessandro, this one uses unobtrusive Javascript and degrades perfectly! We are starting to see particularly adept coders and programmers create features out of CSS that are very helpful and educational for the CSS community in general.

Maybe in the future we will have more examples of very talented coders and web developers who are analogous to entertainers nowadays who create something interesting to share it with “fans” who have an appreciation of what they are doing.

Image Magnifier using CSS and JavaScript

The Image Magnifier is a pretty cool combination of CSS and JavaScript. Basically nowadays we have come to the point where any programmer with a creative idea is empowered to make things that are incredibly helpful, fun and potentially enriching— or a combination of all three!

Almost anything you can imagine in the visual realm can be presented on a webpage, and since the distribution, finding and consumption of creative efforts is not a problem anymore for anyone with an Internet connection, the possibilities that are opened up in this brave new world of digital media are, as they say, endless. That’s right, I’m that inspired by this interesting magnifying glass effect over book binding at the link above!