Change Firefox Cache Location

Digital Media Minute did a post a while ago about the location of the Firefox cache.
To change Firefox cache location, add the “browser.cache.disk.parent_directory” preference (by editing your configuration) and enter a folder path. When you specify this preference, a new directory, “Cache” will be created at the path you have set.

These other two preferences must set as follows (edit configuration):
Set “browser.cache.disk.enable” to ‘true’ to store cache on the hard drive. (The default is true.)
Set “browser.cache.disk.capacity” to a positive integer equal to the max hard drive space in KB to use for cache. (Firefox default is 50000 KB)

Also, for Windows, the path separator must be 2 backslashes (for example “C:\\Path\\To\\Parent”), if the “browser.cache.disk.parent_directory” value is set in prefs.js or user.js file rather than about:config.

Changing the cache location in Firefox might be something you want to do if you would rather route cache data to an encrypted hard drive rather than leaving it on the drive to which it’s currently being stored even after you clear your cache.

Drag and Drop File Upload for Firefox

Drag and Drop Upload is a very useful extension for Firefox that lets you drop files from Explorer or Finder onto a file upload box. W00t! No more clicking the browse button! This is one of the small everyday improvements to your normal workflow that saves a little bit of time and makes life easier for you while you work.

Firefox has so many extensions whose functionality used to require installing completely separate applications on your computer or going to a website that offered the same functionality. A drag-and-drop file upload for Firefox probably won’t enable you to retire sooner but it will definitely save a little time.