Open Source Icon Library

The Tango Desktop project is an initiative to create a consistent user experience for free and Open Source software with graphical user interfaces. The project has published style guidelines and an awesome collection of open-sourced icons in high-quality SVG format. If you’re looking for bitmapped versions, you can download a package that contains these open source icons in
SVG and PNG formats.  This project is nothing if not ambitious. But if open source and having graphical user interfaces that adhere to standards is important to you I suggest you take a hard look at the Tango Desktop project as potentially something you’d like to get involved with yourself.

How To Resize Windows Partition with Open Source Software

Don’t want to shell out your hard earned cash on Norton Ghost or Partition Magic? You can learn how to nixCraft: Resize windows Partition with Open Source Software using a Linux Live CD called Knoppix. Seriously, if the tool gets the job done why on earth would you feel you need to spend money on any “branded solution” to tweak your Windows partition? I for one hope that open source solutions like this become more plentiful in the coming years because it’ll light a fire under some of the larger companies engaged in currently providing us with these solutions.

Of course before you resize your partition using either commercial or open-source software, make sure you have a good backup!