Groovy Tutorial For Beginners

Here’s a lucid, fairly lengthy tutorial on Groovy, covering basic Groovy constructs with emphasis on comparisons with Java. The author admits that he won’t be getting too deeply into Groovy, that he is trying to give a more broad overview for people who are just starting to get familiar with Groovy code.  It covers topics such as declaring classes, using scripts, GroovyBeans, Annotations for AST transformations, and quite a few other subjects, with plenty of code snippets included.

If you’d like to get a little Groovy-er, check out what I found when I scoured the Internet for some quality Groovy tutorial sites.

HTML5 Video Demo

Sometimes the Internet shows you something that defies your tendency to think about things in terms of what’s familiar. I’m not talking about

In this case I’m talking about technology and art intersecting in new magic ways that involve you in a personalized experience via HTML5, unique to you. Choreographed windows, real-time compositing, etc., all the bells and bombshells of the latest open web technologies. I don’t even know where to start with this one.

Forget HTML5 vs Flash, load it in Chrome, sit down and don’t touch anything. Do you remember the address of the house where you grew up?