Kevin Kelly On Future Media

Kevin Kelly–a digital prophet. If you are interested in some of the bigger questions behind the media in which you will be swimming for the rest of your days, this video will give you lots to ponder. As fast as things are changing relative to media in the largest sense nowadays, it’s surprising that we don’t take more time to analyze where exactly we’re headed on the macro level. Maybe the questions are simply too large; that’s why people like Kelly are important to pay attention to.

Among many other things in this 25-minute video, Kelly address the question of how, in an age when everything can be copied, creators will be able to make money to continue creating…

Here Comes Digital Banking

We did a post a while ago on BankSimple, the soon-to-be-live online digital bank that’s promising a totally new way of banking, with better customer service, greater emphasis on mobile banking and fewer fees. I think there’s a huge market for a different way of doing things in retail banking-how about you? BankSimple’s launch comes sometime in 2011, but they have launched the preview site where you can sign up for a beta account. Stay tuned, I’ll definitely be reviewing my BankSimple experience.

Update:  I’ll be watching this even closer than I had planned to when I originally wrote this post a year ago; it seems that the general unhappiness with large banks that has led to the Occupy movement has positioned Bank Simple–which is now known simply as ““–very well if they execute properly.