Free Proxy – Thanks Google!

Does your workplace or educational institution block websites using a proxy? This tip from O’Reilly, will show you how to access those sites using Google Translate. Think of it as a free proxy! ┬áThis proxy tool is more of an ingenious meta hack than it is particularly high-tech.

In fact if you think about how you could use the functionality of Google translate to make a proxy that costs nothing, you might even come up with the solution before you take a look at this article! If you are able to make use of the tip, why not let others know that it really does result in a useful proxy, free of charge from Google.

56 thoughts on “Free Proxy – Thanks Google!

  1. i want to go on myspace!! every website on here is fukin blocked like wtf!?!?! grrr!! pleeeeeseee help im dying of bordomm

  2. hey do u thini u can get myspace on this cvuz i go to a school and they blocked it and i was wondering if u know how to get aroung it? well that will be great if u could do that thanks

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