Free Proxy – Thanks Google!

Does your workplace or educational institution block websites using a proxy? This tip from O’Reilly, will show you how to access those sites using Google Translate. Think of it as a free proxy!  This proxy tool is more of an ingenious meta hack than it is particularly high-tech.

In fact if you think about how you could use the functionality of Google translate to make a proxy that costs nothing, you might even come up with the solution before you take a look at this article! If you are able to make use of the tip, why not let others know that it really does result in a useful proxy, free of charge from Google.

56 thoughts on “Free Proxy – Thanks Google!”

  1. “doesn’t get passed the blockers at my school” ????

    Should you even try to get PAST the blockers? I think you should hit the books harder.

  2. i need to get in ..
    please help me..
    i have been searching all period to find a site override this system it dosnt work though…
    so find me a lot of overriding proxys to get in to myspace

  3. please get it done by tomorow…
    lots of peopl are counting on you …PLEASE… u guys need to get the “NONE” popular free proxy websites…thank you..

  4. well i tried the cached thing and it goes to the sign in thingy but it still blocks me from goin in….is there anything else?…


  5. eeeekkk…
    this sucks cuz me and like a whole school and class is depending on some advice…so please is there anyway… you know a really unknown free proxy access place?>..

    if you can thank you so much..



  6. ill fuck you all up!!! u punk ass bitches im gonna bomb this fckin site and everyone in it… so fuck u all and yo mother fuckin moms yo. peace

  7. there is two website i know of my school just found out this one. . it is there is antoher one but are computers are fucked up so i dont know but it still works its so everyone try those out and good luck:-) if you have anymore questions my sn on aim is xdeedo3o

  8. ok well our school has this system that they went throgh all the “proxy” websites and blacked them so we cant log onto myspace because of this system …
    we need “non”-popular proxy websites like newer ones that arnt found and blocked so pleas once again help us …

  9. yeah well they arent working on mine either like when i type in my email and shit on myspace it just shows up as invalid…ugh dont know what too do someone please post something that will actually work they blocked my website that actually did work and there is one more i know of but i kind of forget it its like called the new guy or something..if anyone knows that one either post another bulletin thingy or IM me on xdeedo3o!!

    please and thank you…


  10. heyy what if after the login page on myspace repeatedly goes to the sign-up page…how do i get that to stop because thats the only problems that i have with getting onto myspace because other then that i can get on with the websites that i have put on this website so scroll up and read my other messages to find out web proxy’s and other stuff TO GET BY THE BLOCKS!!!


  11. hey… i really fucking need a proxy soooo bad!! i cant look at anything.. could you get me like a list or something! please just give me something to try!!

  12. i hate this 2 fuckin hours till school is in an all i want is to go on myspace 2 see if i an get my bootycall. i need a goddamn proxy an none of these work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. i need to get on myspace I’m in school and they bloked all the proxies and we getting suspeded for goin on myspace……..can u tell me how to get through..thanx

  14. norma lopez i left a couple of websites up at the top and also try the ones that people have put in they work at my school and i get on myspace and aim no problem…just DONT GET CAUGHT alls i know for websites are and and the link someone else has up above


  15. OMG people just look at all of ym bulletins then you will be able to get on myspace with the websites that i have on there they all cant be blocked and im still looking for more…just IM xdeedo3o


  16. also, it is really not smart to just tell people witch proxy you use, especially in your school the more popular views that site gets from that school district, the more of a chance that that school will block it. heres a smart think to do delete the viewed history and cookies when your done on that pc and if you cant clear it bring in an exe history clearence program. seriously if people dont know how to do things this simple then you guys really shouldnt be screwin around on this matter.

  17. well i gaev a number of websites so i dont think that they will all end up being gblocked there talic….

    so like yeah n stuff

  18. i want to go on myspace!! every website on here is fukin blocked like wtf!?!?! grrr!! pleeeeeseee help im dying of bordomm

  19. hey do u thini u can get myspace on this cvuz i go to a school and they blocked it and i was wondering if u know how to get aroung it? well that will be great if u could do that thanks

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