Check Your CSS With CSSLint

Here’s a handy one for all you CSS jockeys, if you don’t already know about it: CSSLint automatically validates your CSS and checks it for quality. I think we might’ve already posted on this terrific site a couple of years ago but I can imagine that it’s any less helpful nowadays. I always have a […]

‘Safe CSS Hacks’ For IE

Mathias Bynens has a detailed, excellent article for web designers entitled ‘In defense of CSS hacks — introducing “safe CSS hacks” ‘ that aims to help you with Internet Explorer rendering hurdles.  I think it’s worth posting solutions to the ongoing problem of Internet Explorer and the way that it forces web designers to make […]

CSS Examples And Inspiration

Need a little CSS inspiration? Take a look at this long list of examples of CSS techniques and experimental demos. I will guarantee you that taking a good look at this list will provide you with loads of inspiration that you can apply toward subsequent projects for clients. Even the examples here that are provided […]

Web Design Tips On Interactivity and Animation

Smashing Magazine has a nice article on using animations and interactivity in your website design with instructions including code snippets for four very cool effects, using CSS3 transitions, animations with canvas and with SVG, and using HTML with JavaScript.  As far as we’ve come from building websites that feature predominantly text as a way of […]

10K Apart Challenge Contest Results: Tiny, Incredible Web Apps!

Wow: the 10K Apart Challenge was created by An Event Apart and MIX Online to showcase the possibilities of modern web standards, by asking for competitors to submit their most amazing web applications under 10 kilobytes. The winners are in and it’s worth your time to go check ’em out, there is some serious ingenuity […]

Update My Browser: Yet Another Reason Why

I like to feature examples of cool things made with new tech, as with the Wilderness Downtown video that we pointed Digital Media Media readers to a while ago, that was as much as anything an amazing HTML5 video demo. Check out this wacky site/web app called Rumpetroll, created with HTML5 Canvas, WebSockets, CSS and […]

Comparing Webkits

Peter-Paul Koch, who is quite a character, gives us a pretty darn thorough comparison of 14 (soon 22) different WebKits by way of tests of CSS and JavaScript items. The tests focus solely on compatibility as opposed to user interface or performance. As WebKits proliferate it’s helpful to have an article that attempts to run […]

Firebug Tips

Veera Sundar has a nice list of five ways that you can use firebug to edit HTML and CSS. It is amazing how easy firebug makes it to visually modify a page layout… Most developers I know make use of this incredibly useful Firefox extension but in the event that you are unaware of this […]

Faster HTML With Zen Coding

Have you heard about Zen Coding? Take a look at this and be the hit at the next cocktail party you attend, or at least at the water cooler at work. It’s a new toolbox, created by Sergey Chikuyonok, that developers can use to speed up their HTML and CSS coding. Mainly comprised of an […]

Making Your Own Adium Message Style

A (sort of) Quick Introduction to making your own Adium Message Style is a tutorial I am going to put on my todo list!  Adium is my favorite IM client for OSX and I just found out that you can customize and create your own themes using nothing but HTML and CSS (and a sprinkle […]

Rediscovering the Button Element

Kevin Hale from Particletree reminds us about Rediscovering the Button Element. I have to admit that I rarely use the button element, but after reading his article I think I’ll start to use it more. One perceived advantage is that it allows you to create buttons that render exactly the same across all platforms. Hey […]

CSS Star Rating

Rogie King show us his CSS skills with his awesome CSS Star Rating System. The implementation is extremely simple and uses nothing but a couple of images and some CSS selectors! Talk about a very easy way to add a visual element of which we are seeing more and more. For not only review sites […]

Firebug 1.0 Public Beta

Joe Hewitt has just released a Public Beta of Firebug 1.0. Firebug is a kick-ass tool that every web developer/designer must have in his or her toolbox. If you have used Firebug in the past you will absolutely love some of the new features like JavaScript profiling, live HTML and CSS editing, and CSS metrics […]

CSS Sync Firefox Extension

One of the better Firefox extensions I have come across lately is CSS Sync. It’s a simple extension that reloads the CSS files of the currently loaded page every second. Why is this useful? If you are editing CSS in your favorite editor, when you click save and go to your browser to test, the […]

A CSS Crossfader

Mike Arace shows us how to create a CSS Crossfader Demo using CSS, the Scriptaculous JavaScript effects library and a bit of semantic markup!  This cross fade effect almost looks like a video-type effect where one image dissolves gradually into another image, without a website visitor having to perform any actions. It is a terrific […]