Linux At 20

20 years of Linux–here’s a video created by the Linux Foundation to mark the occasion which tells the story pretty well, and it will probably also be valuable for passing on to any of your non-geek friends and relatives who seem bewildered by your passion for Linux. I will bet that 20 years ago if […]

Website Stress Test With JMeter

Here’s an excellent 10-minute tutorial video on how to use JMeter, the open source tool for stress testing your server and your website, by Stuart Marsh. This is more relavant than ever as so many people get into building websites for e-commerce or other small businesses, or simply create self-hosted WordPress blogs for no other […]

Digital Telephony For Web Designers

Have you heard of Adhearsion? It bills itself as a new, open source way for you to create voice enabled applications. It’s a fully featured framework, done in Ruby with a comprehensive regression test suite, that aims to help web developers with no previous experience in telephony combine Web 2.0 with voice. Adhearsion uses the […]

Dygraphs: Visualization Library In JavaScript

Dygraphs is an open source JavaScript library that you can use to create interactive, zoomable charts of time series, capable of displaying huge data sets and enabling users to explore and analyse them. Check out the examples at the link, along with sample code to get you started. Looks dead simple to use. Dygraphs sends […]

Mainstream Linux

Interesting article at Cnet by Matt Asay on the difficulty in bringing Linux to the non-technical masses— the ongoing dilemma is that adoption of a mainstream Linux by people without technical backgrounds would likely be unacceptable for Linux purists. Asay’s opinion is that eliminating some degree of choice in favor of increased ease of use, […]

Git Tutorial

Gaining an understanding of complicated subjects is easier with multiple approaches/teachers/media, and figuring there was a Git tutorial out there for everyone, I gathered 16 tutorials on the powerful, versatile revision control tool. Regardless of your degree of familiarity and comfort with Git, there should be an appropriate tutorial here for you. This list adds […]

Git Tutorials, Articles and Links

Seems as though all the cool kids lately are using Git – a new Source Control Management system. If you’re reading this blog I’m pretty sure that you’re one of those cool kids, so if you’re interested in finding out more check out these Git tutorials, articles and links. We’ve done a lot of posts […]

VirtualBox VDI Index

If your a user of the cross-platform (Windows, OSX, Linux) virtualization software Virtual Box, you’ll be happy to find the VirtualBox VDI Index.  While you’re there you’ll find hundreds of preconfigured virtual appliances available for free download. This looks to me like it’s the mother lode of virtualization software and even if you don’t know […]

The Web’s Best Open Source Software Archive

Open Source Living is a great place to find some of the web’s best open source software.  I would suggest bookmarking the site and taking a look at it before you actually go and purchase software that might have comparable or even better functionality than the tool you are considering paying for. There is a […]

libpng and libjpg Installer for OSX

If you’ve ever had to install PHP from source on Mac OSX, two of the dependencies you’ve likely come across are libpng and libjpg.  Ethan Tira-Thompson has created a universal binary installer for both of these libraries to make them easier to install. You could also grab these from Darwin Ports or Fink, but the […]

Aptana IDE Supports Adobe AIR

It looks like the Aptana: project is now offering their Aptana IDE with Adobe AIR support.  It provides an integrated development environment for creating Adobe AIR (nee Apollo) applications.   Flex developers should not get too excited as it looks like this project is targeted towards HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, and CSS developers, enabling them to build […]

Flickr Upload Plugin for Picasa

One of the most popular posts on this blog is my instructions on how to upload to Flickr from Picassa, Google’s excellent image management application.  Looks like my hack is no longer relevant (thank goodness) as a  Flickr upload plugin for Picasa is now available!  This is the usual course of things today isn’t it? […]

Six Cool Things With OpenID

Simon Willison offers a list of Six cool things you can build with OpenID. There sure is a lot of real positive buzz with regards to OpenID. I am really looking forward to being able to use my OpenID account with more and more services. Like a lot of people probably, I currently have way […]

Software for Starving Students

Software for Starving Students is a CD ISO image that packages up close to a hundred open-source and freeware applications. Once you burn the ISO (or DMG) to a CD, you can install any of the applications through a simple to use application. Even if you’re not a student, this bundle contains great value! I […]

VLC Player Updated

VideoLAN Player has just been updated to version 0.8.6. A couple of very cool features have been added like codec support for Windows Media Video 9 and Flash Video, a Fullscreen controller and if you are a Mac user, it now supports the Apple Remote. VLC is the only video player I use. It pretty […]