How Writing Every Day Changes Your Life–And Your Financial Situation

Three Reasons My Goal Is To Write 1001 Words A Day For a long time now I have had a goal to write 1001 words every day. Anyone can do 1000. I don’t always hit that arbitrary number but I’m convinced that by setting it as a specific daily goal I am setting myself up […]

Digital Media Minute Vs Google–Who Won?

As painful as it was for me to see after putting so much time into this site, I’ll admit it has also been morbidly interesting to watch the death of traffic to in the last 3 1/2 years. You can see the basic idea in the screenshot, but suffice it to say that site […]

Handy SEO Ranking Factors Chart

If you are what’s know as a visual learner and would like to have a handy chart to augment your SEO skills, you’ll find none better on the Internet than this so-called “periodic table of SEO ranking factors“, from Search Engine Land. It covers on-page SEO, off page SEO, violations and blocking.  I suggest that […]

Artificial Linkbuilding Is Dead-Here Is A Better Way

If you have a website and you’re interest in increasing the traffic you get from search engines then you perhaps can recite the SEO Trinity when you’re sound asleep: Make sure that your site is optimized for search engine crawlers, and your readers of course. Create content that will change the world, or at least […]

Twitter For SEO

You might very well find yourself visiting a website as the result of a tweet from a friend, but will the value your friend sees in the site be reflected by the same sort of incremental credit that is accorded to it by search engines if he links to it from his blog? Specifically, do […]

Where The Jobs Are

Where the jobs are: Android. You probably read that Android is now the number one mobile OS in the US, and number two in the world. It can’t be a surprise that there has been an explosion in advertised Android jobs in the last year, but I’m surprised that demand is up 710% YoY, according […]

Marketing Your New Website

Rand Fishkin of SEO Moz is one of the most respected names in SEO out there, and he’s got a typically excellent list of things you can do if you are about to launch a website to get your web marketing and branding off to a good start, and the tools you can use to […]

Understanding Google

If you produce content of any kind on the internet, chances are that visitors from Google are a relatively high percentage of your total visitors. For this reason it behooves you to be clear on how Google works, even if SEO isn’t your highest priority. A lot of the minutiae on the real inner workings […]

Google Webmaster Tools Improvements

Google has recently improved Webmaster tools. As I only stumbled across the changes myself I thought it might be useful to note them on Digital Media Minute. I don’t consider myself a ‘stats junkie’ but I think a lot of people will find value in the detail that Google now gives you about just how […]

SEO, Yeah I Own It

You may not be aware that anyone doing business in SEO, specifically selling search engine optimization services, was until very recently under threat from one Jason Gambert, who was attempting to trademark the term “SEO”. Yeah, no kidding. Had his trademark application been approved by USPTO, his aim was to have SEOs be legally obliged […]

Bill Gates And SEO

So Bill Gates has a new blog, called The Gates Notes. Danny Sullivan at has some free SEO advice for Bill. This is pretty hard to believe: at the moment, every page on his site has the same title tag…seriously. It does read as superb introductory on-page search engine optimization advice for a beginner […]

All Your Backlinks Are Held Hostage

Wow–how is this for a monetization method? 1) Create a compelling free service. 2) Many, many people come to depend on it for what it does, and for what it will hopefully continue to do. 3) Say that you have to shut it down for lack of money. 4) Make money. OK, I believe that […]

SEO Diagnostic Flowchart

The SEO diagnostic flowchart on slide two might be the best thing about this SEO problem troubleshooting slideshow from, which I took a little screenshot of for my own reference. In my opinion just that particular slide is worth the price of admission here and if you are a website owner who knows that […]

3 Ways to Immediately Increase Search Engine Traffic

I guess at some point we (or our clients) are always interested in how to increase our visibility in search engines.  As much time and money as we and our clients put into websites, to not expend some energy into making it easier for people to discover our content by way of search engines seems […]

Clean URLs for Better Search Engine Ranking

Pascal Opitz from Content with Style shows you how to useClean URLs for a better search engine ranking. Clean URLs (like the ones displayed on this site) are created by using URL Rewriting to hide querystring parameters. The resulting URL looks much like a folder structure as opposed to a machine readable querystring. Just in […]