Mac OS X CHM File Viewer

Chmox is a OSX viewer for Windows Compiled HTML Help (CHM) files viewer. If you develop using PHP, one of the most useful references you can get your hands on is the CHM file from the site. Most PHP developers will be familiar with this tool already, bu t just in case you aren’t, here is your reminder. Chmox lets you view this file, and many others on your Mac.

Some Features provided by HTML Help are:

  • Full tree like TOC menu of pages, with even the smallest parts included
  • Alpabetical index of all pages [with quick access to functions]
  • Full text search (see the chapter about FTS in the CHM)
  • Personal favourites listing

10 thoughts on “Mac OS X CHM File Viewer”

  1. Thanks. I was able to open a document that otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to access and your program opened easily, etc. Very nice program.

  2. I havea chm file that references PowerPoint and sometimes Word.
    I can open the .chm file with Chmox 0.3 but can’t get it to open PowerPoint or Word (in OSX).
    Am I doing something wrong? Is it possible with Chmox 0.3?

  3. One thing I think is absolutely needed is the option to print all files in a chapter(like in Windows) and even all chapters(this would be an interesting upgrade) . If I want to print a chm book, I can only do so with a single page at a time, but what if I want them to be printed continuously? And all of them? Hope this will be implemented soon. Best wishes

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