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If you’re a total Firefox nut (like I am), here is a screensaver that I have created. The screensaver will work on Windows only and requires that you have the Flash ActiveX installed on your system (if you have IE – you should already have the Flash ActiveX – Isn’t that ironic?).  I am happy to be, in my own small way, helping to promote Firefox. I believe that for various reasons–such as better security and better adherence to web standards as well–just about everyone should at least install it and give it a try.

Here are some download links for the screensaver:


17 thoughts on “Firefox Screensaver”

  1. I just downloaded and i’m about to check it out. Thanks.

    BTW, you have a really nice site. I wish mine were nice and tidy like this – but I don’t know much HTML – I only know how to make themes. thanks again.

  2. Pretty cool
    but the logo is rarely right side up. heh.
    and I’m curious as to why it wants to access the internet when it’s running?

  3. I’m not sure why it does this. The screensaver is a Flash movie embedded in a Visual Basic wrapper. I can ensure you that there is no code that I have written that attempts to access the web. My only thought is that maybe the Flash player that is embedded in the screensaver is attempting to access the web?

  4. I am a total Firefox nut, and I totally LOVE this screen saver.
    Thank you for creating this for Firefox lovers and great job!!!

  5. Nice screensaver! Try to include some screenshots of Firefox too to make it more interesting.

    Thanks again,


  6. Awesome screensaver but I have the same problem as Webb… this program is a PC Police keylogger according to Spyware Doctor. What’s up with that?

  7. I’m about to download it. I didn’t think it would be this easy to find a firefox screensaver. I thought i was the only person who thought the firefox looks cool.

  8. Well, I’ve just spent the last few hours formatting & re-installing my whole PC to get rid of PC Police Keylogger that this jerkoff embedded into this screensaver. This moron is a disgrace to the Firefox community.

    I’m convinced that the deepest, darkest regions of hell are reserved for people like you that intentionally embed spyware/adware/keyloggers/trojans/etc. in software that appears to be perfectly legit. You, sir, are an asshole and I hope you die painfully real soon.

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