Free SSH/sFTP Server

freeSSHd is a free SSH Server for Windows that is unique in the fact that it provides a GUI to manage the SSH Server.  Once the SSH Server is up and running, you can use it to create a Secure FTP server!  It’s easy to use and possibly the best way to turn you Windows system into a rock solid and secure FTP server. I’ve run across many free solutions for establishing a Windows SSH server but I have never seen a graphic user interface that makes it so easy to manage it once it’s set up. For a lot of people the learning curve in accomplishing this is prohibitively high but again, freeSSHd  is a way to accelerate the process for you.

4 thoughts on “Free SSH/sFTP Server”

  1. I personally like CoreFTP Server a bit more, its permissions structure gives an added layer of security that can be useful. FreeSSHd is also a little quirky, you can’t set per-user home directories like you can with CoreFTP Server which is a fairly obvious feature. CoreFTP Server costs $50 but I think its worth it, and its certainly a heck of a lot cheaper than the competition. Lastly CoreFTP Server supports SSH and SSL/TLS, giving you lots of options.

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