Is There a Good CVS Client for OSX

A colleague just asked me if I knew of a good CVS client for OSX. Being a Subversion user myself, and having never used CVS, I did not have a recommendation for her.  This is one of the benefits of having a website that is visited thousands of times a day by people from all over the world, many of whom have incredibly good technical knowledge on just about every subject under the sun. So, after all that flattery, I was wondering if anyone reading this would have any experience-based recommendations on a good CVS client for OSX? Please leave a comment. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “Is There a Good CVS Client for OSX”

  1. Hey – thanks for posting this Jim!

    I am the colleague…really!
    Basically Maclipse is not working out for us. We keep getting all kinds of errors. Our team just moved from PC – where we used eclipse for cvs and had relatively few problems.

    So to add to the question…does anyone know of a good cvs client for OSX that is NOT eclipse.


  2. I use subclipse which is, of course, a plugin for eclipse. It works great – never fails me. Other than that everything else I’ve tried sucks. I think there’s a built-in client for XCode also, but I haven’t tried it.

  3. As Stephen says, why not use Eclipse’s built in CVS client if that’s what you where using on regular PC’s?

    I’m using the built in version of the CVS client for all my projects in Eclipse on a Mac, it’s working great! I think it’s even faster on my Mac than on my old PC at work.

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