Finally – Kazaa for Mac!

Poisoned is a Mac client for the popular Kazaa peer-to-peer file sharing network. Poisoned is a free download for Mac OSX 10.2

Poisoned uses the giFT daemon which is capable of facilitating the communication between the end user and specific filesharing protocols (namely gnutella and FastTrack). This means that when you use Poisoned, you are not only searching the Kazaa network, you are searching the Gnutella network as well (Limewire uses the gnutella network).

Best of all – Poisoned is a native Mac OSX application, so it performs very well (unlike Limewire which is a slow Java app). Poisoned does not use adware or spyware – unlike Kazaa.

22 thoughts on “Finally – Kazaa for Mac!”

  1. hated it. the worst in the whole world. it is really rubbish. download something else but not this it is shit..

  2. i just dont understand!!! how do you listen to the music that you have downloaded. someone please please help me !!!

  3. If you want to listen to music from poisoned, go to preferences and click integration. Then click itunes and check off the box ‘add songs to itunes library’….That should work….if not, look for the song under Finder and it should be there, you can just drag it to itunes after that.

  4. Wait…

    Can u download stuff besides music? Like can you download photoshop and stuff like that?

  5. Limewire sucks folks, if your going for a file there is bunch of assholes that have put up fake search quaries to get in the way. I don’t know who they work for but I was searching for garmin topo and got a buch of porn in my results. Like 1000 files. If limewire had a way to filter those results like poisoned does it would be worth it. No Limewire can lick the toe jam of poisoned at this point. If your trading files like me it sucks ass.

  6. limewire and poisoned both suck kazaa might be slow but it is worth it i tryed to download both limewire and poisoned and all i got was a screen with a bunch of this p3244u504y3ohrtf jodhtgiu”’khj;’f./f,.//d09876ywedklmndwfkl;jopjjfh3wigh now dont that piss you off

  7. you guys sound really disgruntled! i think i’ll just keep searching till find something else other than limewire and poisoned

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