New Firefox Wallpaper

I was a little bored last night, so I decided to make a new desktop wallpaper that sports the Firefox logo (designed by Jon Hicks). I have listed them here for your download.

Firefox Wallpaper
800×600 | 1024×768 | 1152×768 | 1200×1024 | 1600×1200

I have always been a bit of a connoisseur of wallpaper, especially Firefox wallpaper as I am in turn a huge fan of the browser. At any rate sometimes I get a creative urge and I have always enjoyed the Firefox logo by Hicks so I thought it would be natural enough to incorporate it into my creation while crediting him of course. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have concerning your favorite Firefox wallpaper in the comments; feel free to leave us links to any that you have enjoyed yourself even if the screen resolutions in which it’s offered are not as comprehensive as the wallpapers I created. Enjoy!

37 thoughts on “New Firefox Wallpaper”

  1. Where did you find the higher resolution Firefox logos? I’ve been looking for them to no avail. (Would it be much to ask if you can reply to my email, too? tnx!)

  2. Hi,

    I just found out about these wallpapers, and they rock.

    But can you possibly update or add wallpapers with the new firefox logo, cos after a while, I began to see it was a real good improval indeed.


  3. Love it, but I wish the logo were a little lower, as my GNOME bar on the top gets in the way (using default GNOME panel setup).

  4. hey man, could we please have a 1280×1024 desktop? the 12800×1024 one is 40 pixels too small on each side! :X Thanks, and awesome wallpaper!

  5. Firts of all, it’s a great wallpaper I love it. Now I was wondering if I can make a Logon screen from It. I mean I would give you credits and all thats stuff but a need to know if I can do that?

    Many thanks

  6. Cool wallpaper! I like the contrast – the blue background that makes the fox colour stand out. Thanks!

  7. I have downloaded this wallpaper trugh google image search and now I founded it here. This is one good looking wp. Do you want to allowe me to place it on my site(check out comment)? I will place a link to your site below.
    Please, answer me here or on my e-mail adress.

  8. Very nice work! Unfortunately it looks bad on my screen because it is streached to widescreen format. :(

    Any chance of a 1680×1050 version?

  9. Thanks for sharing such a nice wallpaper buddy you se.. Now I will be able to use both that is the wall paper and the browser I am a fire fox fan… hurray….

  10. this will abso(f**king)lutely tick any IE user….i just set that pic as my wallpaper. looks crazy good with my windows(!!!) desktop. Ratings through the roof!

  11. Any chance of a 1680×1050 version? I have seen others requesting it too. It is very common resolution on widescreen monitors!!!

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