Win an iPod!

I thought that the title of this post just might have caught your attention! Last week, I posted that the students in my Digital Media Technologies program are holding their Graduate Show in Victoria, British Columbia on May 1st. One of the door prizes will be a 15GB Apple iPod. So if you happen to be a web developer or graphic designer who lives in British Columbia or the Pacific Northwest, I would like to invite you to attend Surfacing 2004.

This event is presented by the graduating students of Malaspina University-College’s Digital Media Technology and Graphic Design programs.

The exhibition is on Saturday, May 1, 2004, from 9:00am – 4:00pm, in the Balmoral room at the Empress Hotel in Victoria. Students will showcase their work in animation, design, illustration, typography, video and web. Industry professionals, potential employers and the general public are all welcome to come down and see the innovate work done by students in these two highly successful programs.

21 thoughts on “Win an iPod!”

  1. i really want an i pod i’m doing this because my mom doesn’t have enough money to get me one i can’t even get alowance.

  2. i have been struggling to pay car payments and insurance and also gasoline, I just cant save enuogh to buy an ipod and i have always wanted on.

  3. Ipods are so cool! but expensive! if i had the money i would buy one, i have a mp3 player but it sucks! i’ve been searching everywhere for a cheaper one. Nice site.

  4. My house burnt down n all my stuff is gone, and i am struggling to buy a ipod, beacause they are way to expensive.

  5. i am a teenager who never stops listening to music, NEVER!!!! n it will be easier on my life if i have an ipod bcos it excludes all of that messing about changing cds. im a desperate teen, PLEASE!!!!

  6. PLz, i am dying to get an ipod. Music is my life but i can’t afford so much as a disc man. PLz i am begging you.

  7. i want a free i pod. that’s all there is to it. i won’t say MUSIC IS MY LIFE! i just want one for free.

    okay, thanks, Kate

  8. i wan’t this because listening quality music is my habit and i can’t rely on my parents to buy it because i know they can’t afford it.thank you. no matter i win or not but who ever win i wish that person is very lucky

  9. i have alyways wanted one but my parents dont have enough money but if my friends ever found out they might not like me anymore

  10. ik wil graag en i pod winnen wnat ik heb geen mp3 en ik ik wil de altijt eeen i pod hebben dus ik wacht altijt op het mooi en super goede waar ge filmpjes kunt zien en zo verder kiss divya

  11. Wow, you people are really dumb. Let’s just make up a sad story or try to guilt-trip them into giving us something for free. Did you read it? They’re not just gonna give them to you. Stop being so friggin pitiful. Just get off your asses and off the computer and get a damn job to pay for your own, instead of trying to mooch them off people who don’t care about the sad stories you make up. Like, what is the chance of having only a bunch of disabled people or people who are in the most horrible situations? ..Riigghhhhttt.. give me a break.

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