Android Scanner Application: Create PDFs With Your Android Device

In my never-ending quest to point readers toward first-rate mobile device applications for platforms other than iPhone, take a look at this very handy app for Android users that enables you to take a quick photo (maybe misleadingly referred to as a “scan”) and save it on your device as a PDF file ready to be emailed. Unless you’re in the habit of carrying a scanner around with you, you can probably put up with the reduced image quality vis-à-vis an actual scanner, as it looks quite clear anyway. People have been doing this for a while now with photographs but I have no doubt this app will help you create much better quality/more legible images than most cameras.

2 thoughts on “Android Scanner Application: Create PDFs With Your Android Device”

  1. Careful, the Jobsian EYE is ALL SEEING and it has been determined that you are dangerously close to being condemned as an Android HERETIC and therefor face being BANNED from accessing “I-everything” and your “I”-Fan boi privilege status is perilously close to being irrecoverably revoked for ALL ETERNITY! You have been warned. Have a nice day as long as it includes our products. : ))

  2. Ha ha–wow thanks for the warning. I knew that I was right on the line. Hey would my status improve if I mention that I got four Macs, three i-Phones, and one old-ass i-Pod (I suppose that doesn’t count) past Indo customs?…
    Android scanner applications are not easy to get into non-Android devices it must be said, if you get my meaning. And an Android PDF app is a handy thing for making high-quality documents that look great when printed. I’m not sure that there’s an app for making quick PDFs with any other mobile platform other than Android actually.

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