IPad Apps For Seniors And Non-Geeks

I have a friend who is 55 years old and no dummy, but he’s really not a tech guy at all. I took a look at his iPad about a week after he got it and it had almost nothing on it except the preloaded apps. It made me wonder how many millions of people-not just seniors-who will get an iPad soon or for a holiday gift don’t know what to load it up with, and might even be a bit intimidated to dive into the App Store.

Here’s a list of apps to suggest to a person in your life who needs a little nudge to turn his device into something wonderful. Provide that nudge! These apps run the gamut between social media, media consumption, productivity and games, and at the very least once your friend has downloaded these apps he should have enough confidence to buzz around the App Store looking for further apps that will interest him. (I’d add Instapaper to the list in the link btw.)

(h/t Dave Millar)