Free FLV Encoder

The Riva FLV Encoder is a free tool that will transode your existing videofiles to the FLV format which can then be used in Flash. The AVI, MPEG, Quicktime, WMV video formats are supported. If you have ever been frustrated or hit a dead end after you shoot video and then have a difficult time actually watching it in the format of your choice–which for many people today is Flash–this is a very handy tool to facilitate doing that.

Video file conversion, in addition to video compression are huge hurdles for many people who are now getting into video for the web. Unfortunately handling video files is often not as straightforward as simply uploading a JPEG or gif picture file.


[link via Ultrashock]

4 thoughts on “Free FLV Encoder”

  1. Most video encoding / compressing evaluation downlods suck, period. Why? Some only allow 50% of your video to be compressed, some only awwlow 1 minutres, etc etc…

    Simply shite :(

  2. Thats just because you don’t know where to look, try searching stuff like “open source” instead of “free”, and “encoder” or “decoder” instead of converter. lists free tools.

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