CyberCollege offers over 100 free tutorials and articles for those interested in Film and Television production. They are well written and broken down into small modules that can be consumed in a very short period of time.

There has been an explosion in online learning and it seems clear that a paradigm shift is rapidly occurring in terms of how individuals are now empowered to proactively educate themselves via the internet. The fact that this education is usually of extremely high quality and often offered for free has not been lost on armchair anthropologists or myriad would-be students in the so-called developing world, who suddenly can seize an educational experience on par with those that their counterparts in colleges and universities worldwide pay lots of money to attend. CyberCollege might turn out to be just one of many portals for online learning experiences in the coming years, in just about any field one can think of.

Legacy Browsers

Ever had a client who requested that their site be compatible with an older browser, but you can’t test it because you don’t have that particular version of the browser in question? Here are a couple of sites that archive old browser downloads, and I can tell you that they have already saved me loads of time. It’s hard to know how the browser wars will play out, and it seems inevitable that support for legacy browsers will not continue indefinitely, but for now we still have some help:

Evolt is the king of browser archives. Their list is very complete and with hundreds of mirror sites – you are sure to get what you need.

Netscape also maintains an archive of its older versions.