Free Flash Components is a repository of over 180 free component that can be used in your Flash MX projects. I find it extremely handy to have a go-to repository of tools like this all in one place, and I don’t know about you but I aggressively bookmark them accordingly, knowing that it will save me loads of time sooner rather than later.

My favorite is the Rich Text Editor. This component is comparable to the RTE component included on Macromedia’s Developer Resource Kit #2 (for which I paid $99USD). Go take a look at this wide assortment of Flash functionality and see what you can find that will be useful to you on your next project–or the one on which you’re currently working!

Finally – Kazaa for Mac!

Poisoned is a Mac client for the popular Kazaa peer-to-peer file sharing network. Poisoned is a free download for Mac OSX 10.2

Poisoned uses the giFT daemon which is capable of facilitating the communication between the end user and specific filesharing protocols (namely gnutella and FastTrack). This means that when you use Poisoned, you are not only searching the Kazaa network, you are searching the Gnutella network as well (Limewire uses the gnutella network).

Best of all – Poisoned is a native Mac OSX application, so it performs very well (unlike Limewire which is a slow Java app). Poisoned does not use adware or spyware – unlike Kazaa.