Video: Around The World In A Minute

There can be no better use of a single minute to make you want to travel: I know that 2012 is coming and that I should be pretty jaded about the richness of You Tube and all the other Web 2.0 extravaganzas that surround us in a virtual river of information, but I’m not. Maybe […]

Firefox Plugins For Web Developers

Whether you are a web developer coming to Firefox from Internet Explorer or another browser, or you’re just starting out and want to get all the plug-in based help for Firefox that you can find, take a look at this excellent list of helpful plug-ins for Firefox to help you get the job done. We […]

Apple Building Mothership-City Council To Approve

People who are irritated by Steve Jobs for one reason or another might want to skip this post, but I found his presentation to the Cupertino city council regarding Apple’s plans for a new campus to be fascinating. He starts with a story of how he called Bill Hewlett one day when he was 13 […]

IOS 5 Features Leaked?

OK forgive the linkbait title, but since it apparently got you here I’ll make it worth your while, because this is funny. This video will have more impact if I say nothing to introduce it, but if you are looking for a chuckle on your Sunday take a look at Simon Pierro’s iPad, sporting some […]

Data Visualization From Google’s Data Arts Team

I don’t know about you but to me cool things don’t necessarily have to have a clear utility, and here’s a great example of what I mean: check out this wild Chrome experiment, a 3-D graph of worldwide Google search volume. This was created by the ‘Google Data Arts Team’… is it just me or […]


At the moment (May 2011) Apple has approximately $77 billion in the bank. You never hear the company speculate publicly about what it might or might not do in terms of acquisitions with all that cash, which is probably no surprise. That doesn’t keep industry watchers from making prognostications though,and here’s one of the better […]

Better Email Management With Baydin

Among other things, Baydin takes as its mission to help make e-mail fun again. I’m having difficulty recalling when exactly it was fun looking at an inbox with dozens of incoming interruptions, only a small fraction of which will serve to actually enrich my existence, but look at the audacious approach Baydin has toward better […]

Getting Around The New York Times Paywall-You’re Invited

You might be aware that the New York Times will start charging for content soon. Today they said the auspicious date would be March 28th in the US. It looks like they’re going to allow you to read 20 articles per month for free and then offer a tiered payment system, maxing out at $35 […]

Kevin Kelly On Future Media

Kevin Kelly–a digital prophet. If you are interested in some of the bigger questions behind the media in which you will be swimming for the rest of your days, this video will give you lots to ponder. As fast as things are changing relative to media in the largest sense nowadays, it’s surprising that we […]

Set Up A Paywall With Google

It was about five minutes after someone came up with the brilliant meme “information wants to be free” that people started screaming about the death of printed newspapers and magazines. How would content creators ever get paid if redistributing the fruits of their labor was no more difficult than copy/paste? To date very few established […]

Fun Typing Games For Kids

If you have a kid–or adult–in your life who can’t put the game controller down long enough to learn to touch type, have them try Z-Type. It’s a surprisingly addictive, fun typing game that makes use of the old words-as-space-aliens metaphor, challenging players to touch-type each word falling toward your gun turret before it’s too […]

IPad Apps For Seniors And Non-Geeks

I have a friend who is 55 years old and no dummy, but he’s really not a tech guy at all. I took a look at his iPad about a week after he got it and it had almost nothing on it except the preloaded apps. It made me wonder how many millions of people-not […]

What’s The Best Programming Language To Learn In 2011?

It’s that time of year again. Programmers everywhere are wondering what skills will be most valuable in 2011 and what is the best programming language to put valuable time and effort into learning now. There are many ways to look at the question but here’s a good analysis from Rob Diana incorporating Tiobe rankings, info […]

Here Comes Digital Banking

We did a post a while ago on BankSimple, the soon-to-be-live online digital bank that’s promising a totally new way of banking, with better customer service, greater emphasis on mobile banking and fewer fees. I think there’s a huge market for a different way of doing things in retail banking-how about you? BankSimple’s launch comes […]

Beat Internet Filtering-The First Thing To Try

Just because Digital Media Minute is a friend of the little guy (who finds it inconvenient to not have Facebook open all day at work), here is the simplest possible workaround to bypass internet filtering if your employer is filtering specific sites: just add an ‘s’ to the http line and you might find access […]