DIY Macro Ring Light

If you’re into digital macro photography, you might want to look at building your own 48 LED macro ring-light. The article claims that it’s possible for less than $10!

With this do-it-yourself project, you can build a special LED light that attaches to the lens of your consumer level digital camera. If you enjoy photography but are unfamiliar with macro photography, rest assured that it will open up an entirely new world and possibly even a new obsession for you viz a viz photography.

A macro lighting rig is probably the first thing you’re going to need and this project shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours so you be taking photos same day.

Win an iPod!

I thought that the title of this post just might have caught your attention! Last week, I posted that the students in my Digital Media Technologies program are holding their Graduate Show in Victoria, British Columbia on May 1st. One of the door prizes will be a 15GB Apple iPod. So if you happen to be a web developer or graphic designer who lives in British Columbia or the Pacific Northwest, I would like to invite you to attend Surfacing 2004.

This event is presented by the graduating students of Malaspina University-College’s Digital Media Technology and Graphic Design programs.

The exhibition is on Saturday, May 1, 2004, from 9:00am – 4:00pm, in the Balmoral room at the Empress Hotel in Victoria. Students will showcase their work in animation, design, illustration, typography, video and web. Industry professionals, potential employers and the general public are all welcome to come down and see the innovate work done by students in these two highly successful programs.