Free Windows Mail Server

MailEnable is a high perfomance POP3 and SMTP free mail server for the Windows platform. It is free and contains some nice features like spam filtering, SMTP authentication, highly customized relaying options, and a built in list server.

I can’t say I’ve done an exhaustive search for the very best free Windows mail server available on the market but I looked through the list of features contained in MailEnable and it seems to have just about everything you would want in 2005. There is an online demo and plenty of video tutorials available on their site to help you get yourself up to speed and make it useful for you.

[link via Matt Woodward]

SSH Tutorial

Here’s an easy to follow SSH Tutorial for Windows, from the site of Rochester Institute of Technology. Admittedly this site has probably gotten a little thin of late relative to posts that offer tips and tutorials on server infrastructure, but if this topic interests you, Digital Media Minute has done quite a few other posts in this area, on a free SSH server for Windows, Configuring OpenSSH for public key authentication, as well as a lengthy, comprehensive article from four years ago on setting up an sftp server on windows. If you could suggest resources that have helped you with SSH, please let me know in the feedback area below.