Groovy++ Vs Java

As good as it is as a programming language, because Groovy is a dynamic language it is slower than statically-typed languages such as Java and Scala. Alex Tkachman, a member of the Groovy core team, estimates that 80% of Groovy code can be made statically typed very easily and sped up by as much as […]

What’s The Best Programming Language To Learn In 2011?

It’s that time of year again. Programmers everywhere are wondering what skills will be most valuable in 2011 and what is the best programming language to put valuable time and effort into learning now. There are many ways to look at the question but here’s a good analysis from Rob Diana incorporating Tiobe rankings, info […]

Scaling And Node

Thoughts from Alex Payne on choosing the right technology for the initial release of BankSimple; general reflections on ‘scaling in the small to scaling in the large’ and reasons why the Node framework might not be the right choice for the project. Payne’s opinion should carry a lot of weight with programmers as he had […]

Python Internals

If you’re a Python programmer or have an interest in the language take a look at this well-written article on Python internals, the first of a series, from Yaniv Aknin. The article starts with a higher-level view of what’s going on when you type $ python -c ‘print(“Hello, world!”)’,  and it goes on from there. Aknin […]

Python Classes

Google has taken the intensive two-day Python class that they offer internally to employees with very little programming experience (I didn’t know they hired people like that–chefs and masseuses perhaps?), and put it here for free under the Creative Commons attribution 2.5 license. The class covers installing Python on your computer through text files, processes, and […]

Best 8 Groovy Tutorial List

Groovy is a dynamic programming language for the JVM that combines Java’s enterprise capabilities with productivity features like closures, builders, dynamic typing and meta-programming. It can either be interpreted or compiled and you can add new methods to classes dynamically at run time, with greater flexibility than standard Java offers. There seems to be an […]

Online IDE and Debugger

It’s a pastebin, it’s an online mini IDE and a tool enabling you to use execution as debugging method. With Ideone just choose from one of the 38 languages currently supported, paste in your code and submit (check privacy box if you don’t want it listed in recent pastes). Code gets executed. Elegant little site. […]

Best Programming Language To Learn In 2010

With a new year upon us, it’s a time to examine the big questions: what is the best place to buy lottery tickets? Should I buy a puppy? But seriously, the sands of tech are changing rapidly so everyone should be looking to expand their repertoire, as in ‘what programming language should I learn next?’ […]