What is the Best Font for your Website?

The research paper “A Comparison of Popular Online Fonts: Which Size and Type is Best?” from Usability News involved a research group of sixty participants (16 males and 44 females).

The study explores the following characteristics of fonts used on the Internet:

  • Reading Efficiency
  • Reading Time
  • Perceived Legibility
  • Perceived Attractiveness
  • Font Preference

The paper concludes that “Generally, Times and Arial were read faster than Courier, Schoolbook, and Georgia. Fonts at the 12-point size were read faster than fonts at the 10-point size. In addition, a font type x size interaction was found for the perception of font legibility. In general, however, Arial, Courier, and Georgia were perceived as the most legible. “

1 thought on “What is the Best Font for your Website?”

  1. This summary distorts the original article. Their conclusion was actually that Verdana was the best font overall for a website. Read the original article’s conclusion, you’ll see.

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