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Google Preferences allows you to set default search preferences like Language, Number of Results, Safe Search Filtering and whether or not your results are opened in a new window.

The greatest preference is the Language setting. It allows you to choose search results only for pages written in the languages you choose.  All this is profoundly useful. In the West we take for granted sometimes that documents we may have run across years ago will be freely accessible on the Internet, and naturally enough through a search engine like Google.

But imagine if you speak a relatively obscure language, possibly native to a part of the world far from where you’re living: you might have no access whatsoever to the documents in this language. Now Google serves as a convenient conduit allowing you to filter results with as much granularity as you require.

4 thoughts on “Google Preferences”

  1. I have a lot of trouble with your insistence on showing only ten results at a time. This might have made sense when computers and the web were slower, but is now out of date.
    I know that I as supposed to change it by going to your preferences page, but that is absurdly hard to find.
    After changing my preseference, I go back to your main page and find it still works only with 10 results. I have to fiddle repeatedly before I can make the new setting take effect.
    I have the same trouble all over again when I change to a new computer, or have radical work done on my old machine.
    Later on, for no obvious reason, it may switch back to ten results. It has just done so, and I have not yet gone it to send 50 or 100 as a routine
    This is something you should have put right long ago.

  2. How can I refine my search peramiters?
    Example: search for; D C S, (Dynamic Cooking Systems); Results: Anything with a D, a C, or an S in its title or site name. Example: search for; Dynamic Cooking Systems; Result: anything with Dynamic, Cooking, or Systems in its title or web name. How can I get the search engine to return only those sites that have all of my key words as placed by me?(After all kitchen appliances have very little to do with the library of congress in washington D C.)
    Also, why must the sponsored sites ALWAYS, or almost always, consume the first several results?
    Example: Retrieve 10 results. Nine sponsored sites results in ONE new result per page. Once I’ve passed on the sponsored sites, I know that they are there and really don’t appreciate their presence delaying my search as I page down the list of other results.

  3. I want to cancell the displays of web site which i have so far visited on the existing computer. Please advise me a setting or way so that the sites so far visited will not appear when I login the google site

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