Creativity Self-Assessment Test

How creative are you? CREAX has a neat Creativity Self-Assessment Test that only takes a few minutes to complete and gives you a fairly detailed analysis of how creative you are. The test scores you in the areas of abstraction, connection, perspective, curiosity, boldness, paradox, complexity and persistance. It’s an interesting little test and I find it fascinating that even online testing can be as sophisticated as this is. Go take a look and see how you do!

I was happy with my results. I scored 83.77 while the typical score is 61.43. Here is a screenshot of my results:

(click image for larger view)

5 thoughts on “Creativity Self-Assessment Test”

  1. lol. I got almost the same chart and score for my test. I wonder if it’s a scame for harvesting info.?

  2. what i meant to say was “i-accept my test result of 68% depite the fact that it is only 7% more than the average (pause, then sob)”

    Ok, so I have average creativity and poor grammar. so WHAT!


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