SimpleViewer – Free Flash Slideshow Tool

Airtight Interactive’s Felix Turner has developed an excellent free Flash-based slideshow tool that he bills as a customizable image gallery, that is also free. SimpleViewer Download is easy to use and loads images that are specified in a simple XML file. Images are preloaded as the user views other images in the slideshow making this slideshow tool perform very nicely. If you want a Flash slideshow free definitely checkout this tool.

The basic simple viewer  can be viewed on iPhone, iPad and Android, as well as Windows, Mac and Linux. There is also a Pro version that gives you more advanced customizing options without any branding, as well as no limit to the amount of images you can upload.

6 thoughts on “SimpleViewer – Free Flash Slideshow Tool”

  1. great, it’ll help build a simple slideshow kinda thing for the new website :D
    any chance of a build in timer to go to next picture every so many seconds if u press a button? very easy to add I reccon

  2. Actually, I Googled this page because I was searching for slideshow functionality in simpleviewer as well. I think it is an outstanding display tool, and would suggest an optional mode in the pro version where I could set a slideshow with the smooth fade in and out effects in a short loop. I would plug this in to my home page for some rotating, dynamic content there. It would just be another reason for me to purchase the pro version. If not – then it is still a very well done interface – congrats!

  3. I think this is a very nice component; more than I would expect for free. There are no banner adds or forced marketing. I couldn’t thank you enough for creating and distributing this flash image gallery. Keep up the great work!

  4. @ Stephen Wick:

    actually, there is the equivalent of a banner ad – a link/logo back to the Simple Viewer (Airtight Interactive) website – embedded in the free version.

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