Turn you LCD Monitor into a TV

Have a spare LCD monitor kicking around? Xpert TV looks like a cool product that will turn your LCD monitor into a TV or Video Monitor. Okay, maybe you are thinking that with the advent of the Internet you have less need for television than you ever did. Still it’s nice to know that the next time you could use a TV for your spare room or possibly for your kid’s room, that you might be able to spend less money and have a cool project to undertake. Here at Digital Media Minute we are about digital delivery, no matter what screen you are using.

This product retails for about $120CDN.

6 thoughts on “Turn you LCD Monitor into a TV”

  1. hey guys, i wanted to do the same thing. i have an old laptop which is completely useless but the screen is in great condition and i was wondering what needs to be done so it will work as an lcd monitor or tv, or would it be easier to turn it into a monitor for my car.

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