View HTTP Headers in IE

ieHTTPHeaders is an explorer bar for Internet Explorer that will show you the HTTP Headers IE are sending and receiving. This is a minor tweak that will serve to give a little more useful information in the course of your work day.

Mozilla has had a similar extension for a while now, but this link may be useful for those of you who have not yet switched from IE to Firefox. Whoops, are my prejudices showing? Seriously though I wonder how many devout users of Internet Explorer have at least given Firefox a test drive? I would love to know in the comments specific reasons from IE users as to why a might not have done so, if you wouldn’t mind.

1 thought on “View HTTP Headers in IE”

  1. The only thing I hate about these toolbars/Firefox extensions it’s the fact they eat extra processing speed when browsing the sites, so you may also try :-) I just finished it.



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