Mind Maps Free

Digital Media Minute has posted about free mind map software before, but I have to say, for elegance and ease of use, Mind Node is unbelievable. I’m actually looking for reasons to use it! I’ve found the freeware version to be very adequate for my needs so far. Mac only, unfortunately. Again, even if you think your current methods of staying organized, planning out projects, or even planning a party for the weekend are sufficient, do take a look at MindNode and I’m betting that you will go to the trouble of installing it.
I’ll spare you the details of my epic sock drawer rearrangement plan, and offer you this video instead:

2 thoughts on “Mind Maps Free”

  1. Yeah I agree Dave!
    For people who think easily in visual terms this is feels so much more to the point than a simple list. Actually most complex tasks are not a linear set of actions, so mind maps generally capture the complexity much better. The attractive look of Mind Node adds to the experience I think! Thanks for the comment Dave.

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