Gmail Shortcut

OK, assuming you have a Gmail account and are using Firefox, check out a cool tip for getting to Gmail from a browser window, without having to hit a button or bookmark: just enter ‘g’ into the URL field. That’s it. You’ll regale them with this tip at this weekend’s parties.

OK that was pretty short. Here are 35 more Gmail tips. Hey, did you know that every Gmail message has its own URL, and so can be bookmarked? Or that extra space in your Gmail account can be used as an external drive via a Windows drive shell extension/gDisk on Mac/GmailFS on Linux? You did? Well I didn’t…

3 thoughts on “Gmail Shortcut”

  1. Improvements come so fast and furiously that it seems like Google (and other tech companies too) can’t even keep us abreast of them all, in a comprehensive way.
    Thanks for the comment Jeff!

  2. True enough! I’m just about the post on other Google news. Hard to keep up for sure. But that’s what keeps it interesting.

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